My Week - with Lori Cormack

Lori Cormack
Lori Cormack

New digs: As some readers might have noticed, it’s all change here at FFP towers. For the next few weeks, I’ve got myself some new digs up at our sister paper the Glenrothes Gazette whilst everything is smoothed over and it’s not too shabby I have to say. Best thing has to be the extra half hour in bed. Especially on a day like today, with the wind blowing the snow every which way...

Winter’s arrived: Yup, Jack Frost has finally bitten, or should I say, chewed the East. For the past week there have been sporadic snow showers, but Monday was an absolute white. I’m not a fan of snow. Especially as a driver. Don’t you always find that the people who say ‘Oh, I hope it snows’ are the ones who won’t have to be driving in it the next day? Sure, when there’s been a fresh dusting and everything is pure white, it can be quite beautiful. But as soon as people get outside and it’s been a few days, it’s just awful, disgusting black sludge. Bring on summer (or at least some dry days) I say.

Holiday 2013: Speaking of sun, for the past week I’ve been looking in to booking a holiday, and I think my boyfriend and I have settled on the US. It’s a place I’ve been very lucky enough to have visited before, but it will be his first time, so we’re both really looking forward to it. That’s if I can ever get it booked! Not to blow my own trumpet, but I’m quite a dab-hand at searching for holidays online, but our two chosen destinations (New York and Orlando) are big places and it has proved mighty difficult and stressful finding flights, accomodation and all the extras that go with it. It’s not until September so it’s going to be a long wait, but worth it.

True blood: On a totally different note, I decided this week that the time has come for me to be a little more selfless and donate some blood. In the past, I’ve always used the excuse “I’m too small, I don’t have enough to give away” (at 5 ft, I’d like to think it might be true), but I don’t think I can get away with it anymore. I know there’s a blood donor session coming up in Glenrothes next month, so the opportunity is there... And now this is in print, I don’t think I’ll be able to back out! Anyway, I hear you get biscuits which is always a winner with me.

This week ... Started watching The Walking Dead season 3 (emotional and gory stuff); Started reading one of my new books, ‘The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year’.