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Lori Cormack
Lori Cormack
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Party night: Last weekend saw the start of a busy few weekends for me, which I love, because it means there’s always something to look forward to. On Saturday night, it was my Auntie Kerry’s 50th birthday party, and everyone had a great night. Plus, we all got a big surprise when we walked in - my cousin Linsey had flown home all the way from Dubai to join in the celebrations! It’s the first time most of us have seen her in six months, so it was lovely to catch up.

Last day: Some of you who have read my ‘My Week’ before will know that I have a second job at New Look in Glenrothes. Well, I’ve finally bitten the bullet (my second cold of 2013 has proved I might be working a little bit too hard) and decided to leave after six and a half years there. It’s my last day this Saturday and to be honest, I really don’t know what kind of day it’s going to be. I’m usually quite a hard hearted so and so (us journalists will forever be a cynical bunch) but I might get quite emotional. I’ll just have to cheer myself up with the thought that a weekend alarm is something I will never have to set again. Bliss.

Trip planning: Continuing the theme of things to look forward to, I’m meeting up with some friends on Saturday night for a little planning meeting - and plenty of gossiping too of course. The four of us are heading down to Alton Towers on March 8, so we need to decide what time to leave, where’s best to stop on the road down, what to wear (very important!), etc. As has happened in the past though, I’m pretty sure three quarters of the night will be spent chatting and about 10 minutes used for planning the trip!

Feeling miserable: As I mentioned, I’m already on my second cold of the year, and it’s only the start of March. This is totally unusual for me - I usually only get colds about once a year. I’ve been feeling quite miserable to put be honest. My mum has suggested I start taking echinacea and vitamin C tablets, which are supposed to strengthen your immune system. But if you have any more tips, please send them to the usual address!

This week... I kept Kleenex in business for the next year; enjoyed the sunshine on my lunch breaks at the start of the week (please let it continue!)