My Week - with Maggie Millar

Maggie Millar
Maggie Millar
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First impressions: A NEW newspaper, new newsroom and new colleagues. Wow, all change for me here in Kirkcaldy. I’ve settled into a desk beside Mike Delaney, our news editor, and for the last week we’ve gradually been getting to know one another’s habits better. Phone call...”Helho! Hi ham Maggie Millar. Har you able...het cetera.” Phone down. Silence. ‘Do you always speak on the phone like that?’ asks an amused Mike. Mmmm. In a new team, it almost goes without saying that you have to keep up certain standards - at least to begin with.. It’s just not the done thing to burp, belch, swear and pick your nose. The pressure to keep up certain standards is enough to make any reasonable person nervous - but it’s okay...I’ve been assured by Mike that he’ll be on his best behaviour.

Irrational fears: Been reading a fantastic book called The Examined Life by the psychiatrist Stephen Grosz. It’s based on real cases and one chapter I find fascinating. A woman tells him she’s convinced her house has been booby trapped by terrorists while she’s been away on holiday and when she puts the key in the front door...kaboom! According to Mr Grosz, we all think irrational fears but rarely admit to them. But for those who maybe imagine their partner is secretly trying to poison them, or that any call to the boss’ office means they are about to be fired, take heart - it is a form of paranoia which is not a sign of madness. You see, the woman lived alone and really just wanted someone to care that she existed at all. Aww! As for poisoning, that’s trickier. Maybe it’s a subconscious sign that it’s time to go solo.

The One Show: Bruce Willis. What was all that about?

Retro: It’s hard to tell whether fashion comebacks are better appreciated by those who lived it the first time around. Some, it can’t be denied, just have universal timeless appeal. My son, Forbes, has discovered the Cadbury’s caramel bunny adverts on You Tube and her dulcet Yorkshire tones have held his unwavering attention for the past week. But, even though he’s just three years old, he’s already reviving old classics from baby yesteryears. The latest DVD to be taken off the shelf and dusted down is the Teletubbies and I arrive home from work to be greeted with ‘Heyho Mummy!!’ Ah, you see? A chip off the old block. He’s has posh has hi ham....