My Week - with Maggie Millar

Maggie Millar
Maggie Millar

D-day: WELL, the countdown to the Scottish Independence referendum has officially begun and I admit I’m feeling mighty nervous about the outcome.

My mother and I found ourselves seated at a dinner table last week comprised only of women, one of whom - a professor of gender politics, no less - was particularly outspoken about the matter. When the group told her they would be happier making a vote if it were an informed decision (an impossible thing to do at the moment) she responded: “But REALLY is there anything wrong in making an EMOTIVE decision about the country’s future.

“After all, people in the grips of passion choose to get married!” To which five women piped up in perfect unison: “Yes...then they get divorced.”

On the rocks: I DON’T think it’s likely somehow that Salmond and Cameron could become the next Liz Taylor and Richard Burton but there’s no denying it would be a gem of a relationship if it happened.

I’m reading ‘A Furious Love’ which chronicles the rollercoaster love life of that famous duo and Burton’s obsessive quest to snap up the best jewellery on the planet for Liz.

His generosity knew no bounds and bling which belonged to royalty found its way to the undisputed Queen of Hollywood.

Princess Margaret was a tad jealous of Taylor and when she saw her latest (huge) diamond ring exclaimed: “That’s so vulgar!”

Not batting an eyelid, Taylor invited her to try it on and when Margaret gazed at the rock on her own finger, Liz cooly said: “Not so vulgar now, is it?”

Little birdy: DESPITE resisting it for years, I was finally cajoled into joining the world of Twitter on Friday. I’m now a fully signed up twit and what a revelation!

Who knew Stephen Fry could have so much to say in only 140 characters, or anybody else have all the time in the world to actually read infinite tweets. (Strike that, our national football team has! The first team in Europe to be eliminated from the World Cup qualifiers....strewth.)

Without a doubt, I’ll be all a flutter soon but I need some help to get more chirpy...tweet me please @ffpmaggie.

This week ... Took the kids to Dundee Science Centre and held a meteor rock for the first time....managed another day’s ski-ing at Glen-wheeeee! (Sorry, Glenshee).