My Week - with Paul Cardwell

Paul Cardwell
Paul Cardwell
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Commute: I RECENTLY moved house which means I now need to get two buses to work. On Monday morning, the first day of my new commute, I found out bus tickets had gone up by £2 since I last needed one and I also found out public transport hasn’t really improved since I last used it. The first bus I was meant to get never turned up meaning I missed bus number two and on the way home bus number one was fine but bus number two broke down. Needless to say I will be spending my weekend looking round garages for a second-hand run-a-round. On the topic of moving house, that’s something I don’t really fancy doing again anytime soon. I now have hands that are as cracked and dry as the desert because of the amount of cleaning I have been doing. Determined not to lose any of my deposit from the flat I was moving out of I found myself up to my elbows in bleach at 3.00 a.m. on Saturday morning. But despite leaving the place so clean that someone with OCD would even have eaten their dinner off the floor my wonderful landlord decided to charge me £120 in admin fees and costs to have two light bulbs replaced. Yes - £120 for TWO light bulbs!

Doughnuts: I FINALLY hopped over the bridge and went to Krispy Kreme to try its now famous doughnuts. I queued for half an hour - and that was after skipping most of the line by pretending to be going to KFC (there’s a tip for anyone still wanting to go) - bought 12 different ones and decided I preferred Greggs which is only 100 yards away from the office front door.

Thatcher: I CAN’T not mention Margaret Thatcher seeing as it is all the national papers and TV channels are talking about. But I’m afraid I have no grand political analysis of her life for you. What I can offer instead is the view of someone under 30. And that is I didn’t really care either way when I heard she had died. I can’t remember her time as Prime Minister so maybe that’s why I didn’t hate or love her. I’ve heard all the horror stories but I guess you had to be there. What I didn’t like though was people celebrating an old lady’s death, especially those similar in age to myself who weren’t directly affected by her politics. People having a conga in George Square was just embarrassing.

This week ... I will be traipsing round garages, fighting with my old landlord and then visiting the dentist. I am a glutton for punishment.