My Week - with Paul Cardwell

Paul Cardwell
Paul Cardwell

I can quite understand why so many readers have contacted the paper and spoke out on Facebook about plans to change school hours.

In case you don’t know the story, Fife Council’s Labour administration has caused a bit of a stooshie by suggesting a way of saving £6m by introducing a four and a half day week.

What seemed to bother most, myself included, is the idea of children going to school less. Surely the state the country is in we need future generations to have a better education and I can’t see how that can be achieved by attending one less afternoon a week. Education aside what would it mean for parents who use after-school childcare? Are they just expected to fork out for a few extra hours.

One argument given by the minority who defended the idea was that Edinburgh schools have always had a 4.5 day week. That’s true but what most people seem to neglect is that classes there tend to start half an hour before Fife schools every morning meaning they make up the half day. And as it’s always been that way Edinburgh employers are much more used to accommodating parents’ childcare needs on a Friday.

Muck up day: Speaking of education I see quite a few local schools clamped down on ‘muck up day’ last Friday. That is when sixth years go in on their final day of school and carry out all sorts of pranks.

Some of them may be good natured but all too often these things go wrong and property is damaged and people get hurt so fair play to the headteachers for putting their feet down, especially since fourth and fifth year pupils had exams.

Roads: Quite looking forward to the cycling race in Kirkcaldy next week but find it slightly annoying Fife Council has started fixing the roads so they are nice and smooth for the cyclists. Why was it not done for us car drivers who pay road tax?