My Week - With Paul McCabe

Paul McCabe, Fife Free Press
Paul McCabe, Fife Free Press

Tweet thing: ALWAYS at the cutting edge of any technological breakthrough, the Press reporting team have finally packed away our ZX Spectrums and now have our very own Twitter accounts. I actually had my own one previously which I created about three or four years ago, essentially, like everyone else, to follow Stephen Fry. But I never actually used it to tweet, considering that the minutiae of my existence wasn’t really of much interest to anyone (“went to work, came home, watched telly, went to bed”). But now we’ll all be tweeting all the up-to-minute happenings from here at FFP Towers. In between coffee breaks, obviously. Follow me - @ffppaul. Ta.

Electric fan: WENT to the Adam Smith Theatre to watch a film called ‘Electric Man’, and very good it was too. Go see it if you get the chance. Set in Edinburgh it’s the story of two comic book shop owners who accidentally come into ownership of a very rare and expensive comic, though there are other individuals who want to get their hands on it too. Afterwards there was a Q&A session with the team behind it who told that the whole thing was shot in 18 days and cost just over 50 grand to make it. Most impressive. It’s currently getting shown around various film festivals as there is no distributor yet, so well done to the Adam Smith for putting it on and supporting Scottish independent film.

Rowland stone: GOING against all my snobbish instincts I’ve somehow found myself watching ‘Let’s Dance For Sport Relief’ over the past few weeks and found myself being genuinely pleased that Rowland Rivron emerged as the winner. Not only because he was actually the best anyway, but because I’ve always liked him. He first came to my attention playing the chain-smoking, alcoholic Dr Martin Scrote, who would regularly appear on Jonathon Ross’s ‘Last Resort’ chat show. His ‘Set Of Six’ sit-com from the early 90s was a big favourite of mine and his own long-forgotten late night chat show ‘Rivron’ was perfect post-pub viewing. Rowland and his guests would spend the entire show floating in the Thames. He pops up on telly now and again these days but maybe his Sport Relief victory will raise his profile a bit and we’ll him back on our screens doing some more comedy soon.

This week ... Bought a ticket to go and see Dexys live...Enjoyed yet another Jambo derby day victory...