My Week - with Paul McCabe

Paul McCabe, Fife Free Press
Paul McCabe, Fife Free Press

Euros zoned: AFTER that mammoth break of two whole weeks since the end of the football season, it’s time to start all over again with the mouth-watering Euro Championship kicking off on Friday. The majority of the tournament will see me cooped up in my bedroom, to avoid all the moaning and complaining from the little Maccas who will have a vital and unmissable episode of ‘Good Luck Charlie’ to watch on the living room telly. Fine with me. As a neutral I’m looking forward to a good tournament. Of course, despite honourable intentions my DNA is insistent that I wish England all the worst, but actually it doesn’t seem to be worth bothering about. They haven’t a hope and curiously, for the first time I can remember, the English media seem to agree. Don’t worry, this won’t work in their favour as dark underdogs, they’ll still be rubbish. So here’s to Friday night, even if the first two games don’t really look that exciting to be honest. Who cares? It’s football!

Back again: BY coincidence two albums were released on Monday by reformed bands, both of whom released their last albums proper in 1985, namely The Beach Boys and Dexys - and I’m a huge fan of both. There have been a couple of half-baked Beach Boys albums over the years but this one sees the return of chief (non) surfer Brian Wilson. OK, ‘Pet Sounds’ it ain’t but it’s alright. There’s some rubbish, some great moments, but all-in-all it’s perfectly acceptable from a bunch of 70 year-olds. The Dexys album on the other hand is superb. With various Midnight Runners from over the years in tow, head honcho Kevin Rowland has delivered a wonderful piece of work which is easily stands alongside their 80’s output. I saw them perform it live last month and it was quite remarkable.

Jubilee Jones: DESPITE being a music fan, morbid curiosity drew me to the Diamond Jubilee Concert on Monday night. Man, oh man, where to begin? Cheryl Cole couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and I don’t think I’ll ever quite recover from the sight of Cliff Richard’s dance routine. Thank goodness then, for Grace Jones who sang ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ whilst twirling a hula-hoop then finished off by wishing the Queen a “happy birthday”. Bravo ma’am!

This week ... Came in from a baking hot garden to see thousands of royal-snivellers getting drenched on TV - tried not to smirk - failed...