My Week - with Paul McCabe

Paul McCabe, Fife Free Press
Paul McCabe, Fife Free Press
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Bad teacher: I MADE my debut as a sort-of-teacher this week. Myself and some of the other parents have been asked to deliver various masterclasses at our childrens’ school. I was approached to teach journalism to a group of P6s by an enthusiastic and well-meaning member of staff who presumably is unfamiliar with my weekly ‘work’ in yer FFP. So, nervous and clueless, I drew up a plan of sorts, began to panic, but then decided to wing it and hope no-one would notice. Seemed to work, the first class went well, the kids were a delight and I’m very much looking forward to going back this week. Not so sure if they’ll feel the same, mind. The fruits of our joint labour will be appearing in the FFP in a few weeks time and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it.

Dire Dallas: AS a chap of a certain age I was secretly quite intrigued about the return of Dallas. For those too young to remember it was HUGE in the 80s. I watched it religiously and I was genuinely excited to see what the 21st century reboot would be like. I should have known better – what a load of complete drivel it was. Terrible dialogue, hammy acting, clichéd storylines, unimaginative stereotypes, and that was in the first five minutes. Yes, if I could be bothered to go back and look I’d probably find that the original series was exactly the same, or maybe I’ve been spoiled by the high quality of other American dramas like The Sopranos or The Walking Dead (which one or two of the original Dallas cast now resemble). Either way I won’t be returning to Southfork anytime soon, I’ll stick with The Newsroom for now, ta.

Open road: FORGIVE me if I’m a few weeks behind the times but I took a drive along the A92 and its the first time I’d been along it since those hateful roadworks had been removed. What a joy it was not having to slow down to 40 mph for no apparent reason whatsoever, not having large, creepy, bright yellow cameras bearing down on me every few hundred yards and not finding myself in the wrong lane/missing a turn off/ finding the turn off that I wanted blocked off so having to drive all the way to Inverkeithing before I could turn back, not that I found that infuriating, badly organised and a complete waste of my time or anything. And what exactly did they do? I can’t notice anything different at all.

This week ... visited the Edvard Munch exhibition in Edinburgh...went to a wedding reception in St Andrews...