My Week - with Paul McCabe

Paul McCabe, Fife Free Press
Paul McCabe, Fife Free Press

Gig guy: While most of the country puzzled over whether untalentednonentity1 or untalentednonentity2 would win the X Factor I was out listening to some actual music instead. On Saturday I saw The Rezillos in PJ Malloys in Dunfermline. I’d never been there before and it’s an excellent venue. Then on Sunday I saw The Damned ably supported by The Dickies in a jam-packed Edinburgh Picturehouse. I think it’s vital that one should support emerging talent. The original members of all three bands may be getting on a bit but all showed impressive amounts of stamina and enthusiasm. Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible of The Damned in particular are doing very well to hold off the advancing years. Both were in fine fettle with bags of energy, admirable when you consider they’ve been at it since 1976. Wonder what whoeverwonthexfactor will be up to in the year 2048?

Mean teen: I overheard this from a teenage girl on her phone on Kirkcaldy High Street: “So she said ‘Never mind me dear, just you carry on walking’ so I said to her ‘Aye ah will. It’s no mah fault you’re in a wheelchair’”. Delightful, just delightful.

Christmas list(less): And so this is Christmas and what have you done? Personally, John, not a lot. I did help put up the decorations over the weekend but what with running back and forward to football matches and gigs I didn’t manage to get the whole lot finished off. There’s still the tricky prospect of hanging the outside lights. They should be a piece of cake but our ladder is conveniently placed way, way at the back of the shed which I would basically have to empty to get to. So I go for the health and safety defying on-my-tip-toes-on-a-stepladder approach instead. Fallen off a couple of times in past years but at least there’s not far to go. And I haven’t started any of my own shopping yet but I’m off next week so that’ll give me plenty of time. However, I did try the same tactic last year only to end up spending the entire week cooped up tending to both of my children who were struck down by the norovirus. So instead of a leisurely stroll round the shops at my own pace over five days, I rushed about emptying basins of vomit, continually washing sheets and pyjamas and administering drinks and cold flannels, This year can only be an improvement, surely?

This week ... Tried to make sense of the bamboozling new album by Scott Walker...