My Week - with Paul McCabe

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe

Missed match: NOT strictly in the last week this little tale but I’ve been on holiday so forgive the slight liberty taken on my behalf. Anyway, off I set for the Hearts-Ross County match at Tynecastle a week past Saturday, thinking I would go to a few shops on Princes Street beforehand. Purchases made (jacket, new Sparks album) come two o’clock I set off on a leisurely stroll towards Gorgie, thinking that I would probably have time to sink a sneaky one before kick off. As I got to Haymarket I received a text from my dad asking where I was. Eh? As I replied I noticed a few Hearts fans heading towards me, i.e., away from Tynecastle. My blood ran cold and a frantic text confirmed that it had been a noon kick-off, not three as usual, and I hadn’t known. What a twonk. I called my dad who was enjoying a post-match pint and who gleefully and loudly announced my innocent faux pas to the rest of the pub. Bedlam. And to make matters worse, Hearts actually won for once in an excellent and exciting 4-2 match. I grumpily got the train home whilst being bombarded with texts asking if I had remembered to put my clocks back.

Lifestyle envy: AS mentioned I had a holiday to look forward to which helped lift my Hearts huff. The family and I spent four days in that there London and had a splendid time. We took in most of the things that we had on our list apart from a trip to the Natural History Museum. A queue the length of Kirkcaldy High Street put paid to that idea, but it was a minor set back in what was an otherwise superb trip. We were staying with friends in their jaw-dropping, open plan flat in a converted church, which is every bit as amazing as it sounds. Maybe the only slight downside to the trip. Other people’s places are always better than your own, aren’t they?

Fantastic voyage: WITH Mrs M quite rightly mumping about not getting in to the NHM, the only thing she had wanted to do, I succeeded in my own personal quest of getting into the David Bowie exhibition at the V and A. I hadn’t been able to get a ticket beforehand and was planning to have a screaming toddler tantrum until they let me in, but getting a ticket turned out to be no trouble at all. And it was superb. Bowie geek nirvana. I could have stayed there all day. Go if you can.

This week ... I walked passed Wilko Johnson. Wish I’d stopped him now...