My Week - with Paul McCabe

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe
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Well, that wasn’t too bad a weekend weather-wise, was it? Could it be that we’re going to get a summer that doesn’t resemble a biblical plague?

Saturday was especially nice so there was nothing else for it... but to spend the entire day working in the garden. Y’know, as opposed to lazing about in it drinking beer.

I also had the added attraction of an oncoming swarm of primary school girls coming for a birthday sleepover. In the past some of these have been so rowdy and out of control that I’ve found myself wondering if the inhabitants of Gauntanamo Bay could possibly be as miserable as I was, but actually, now that they’re all getting a little older, it wasn’t that bad.

And fear not, I even managed to watch most of the European Cup Final uninterrupted. Priorities.

Pizza shut: So the birthday celebrations stretched on to their fourth day with a trip to Pizza Hut, and this was a chance to do some top level Donal McIntyre-style undercover journalism because, as you may know, Pizza Hut is closing in a couple of weeks. I was curious to see how the staff would be.

If it was me and I knew I was losing my job you’d be getting served by the worst waiter in the whole world, guaranteed, but I’m happy to report the staff were great, as was the food, and the small people really enjoyed themselves. Shame that it’s going but hopefully the whispers regarding its replacement come true.

Nanny state: Funny old couple the Bercows - the Tory speaker of the house and his much taller, lefty wife, fighting the fight for the people on Twitter. Turns out that their nanny has been living in a flat and gets all her rent, bills and council tax paid by the taxpayer. Sally’s gone very quiet on Twitter now. I wonder why? *innocent face*