My Week - with Rachel McCallion

Rachel McCallion
Rachel McCallion

Hung up: MADONNA has shown herself to well and truly be the queen of pop this week - I just wish she would do it in a little more clothes.

She’s a trend setter with a ton of hits over the years, but it seems like Madge is trying a little too hard. Although the stage show at her Edinburgh concert was amazing, the star needs to lay off the mini skirts and leotards for the time being. I mean come on Madge, haven’t you heard the saying “If you wore the trend the first time you’re too old to wear it the second time?”

I have a lot of respect for Madonna at 53 - she looks amazing - but it might be nice to see her in a knee length skirt for a change. The star sported various revealing outfits on Saturday night during her concert at Murrayfield Stadium such as a cheerleading uniform and a risque full leather suit.

Even more irritating about Madonna’s resistance to grow old gracefully is the raunchy dancing in her performance - especially as her 11-year-old son was also dancing in the show!

Rocco didn’t seem to mind though as he joined his mum during a few of her hits. Maybe Madonna’s training him up - here’s hoping if Rocco catapults into the limelight her Highness will retire gracefully, perhaps wearing a nice woolly cardigan.

Greedy gulls: WORKING at the Fife Free Press this week I am now aware of the sheer audacity of the local seagulls. With stories over the past few weeks about seagulls pinching people’s pastries, I noticed just how fearless they are. Walking towards a bird normally scares it away - not in Kirkcaldy.

The trick is to edge your way around the gang of gulls if they happen to be in your way - God forbid you challenge them for your place on the pavement. So, the lesson I’ve learned is: keep food under wraps until in a safe and sheltered environment and if you see a seagull looking antsy - walk the other way.

Weird coincidence: SINCE the whole kerfuffle with security company G4S making a hash of the Olympics security I’ve seen a lot of G4S workers. It’s probably because I’m more aware of the logo after seeing it on the news but I feel like I can’t escape it. Leave me be!

This week ... Spent Friday night having a takeaway and a laugh with friends... Filled my iPod with new music for my holiday... been listening to Friendly Fires to get me in the summer mood.