My Week - with Scott Inglis

Scott Inglis
Scott Inglis

I started off the week, I’m quite happy to admit, firmly in the ‘celebrating Thatcher’s death’ camp.

I was a young boy growing up in the west of Fife villages when Thatcher was having her way with those communities and countless others.

Although too young to understand the precise politics of what was going on, nobody, regardless of age, was able to escape and recognise the impact her actions were having on individuals, communities, families and relationships.

Many in those communities, to this day, still haven’t recovered from the wicked spell she cast on their lives.

She took their jobs and put little in their place to re-train and re-skill those who would subsequently spend years in the doldrums.

And for what? Because she wanted to.

She wanted to destroy people of that class and the industries they supported simply because they were not her people and didn’t fit into an agenda and vision to suit her kind. Much has been made about ‘Thatcher’s legacy’, well, we’re still feeling it today in those areas where hearts were ripped out and the queues to the job centre doors have never gone down. Ding dong indeed.

First bite:

I have to laugh at the outrage that followed Luis Suarez’s bite on Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic’s arm at the weekend. Suarez is a loose cannon, no doubt, but he’s not just the gift that keeps on giving - he’s your birthdays and Christmases rolled into one.

Only a guy famed for having rodent like teeth would deliberately set about biting an opponent.

I thought it was hilarious - it takes a certain sort of numpty to not be content with a studs up challenge or an elbow to the jaw, but to decide to ram your gnashers into somebody’s arm. Suarez seems to have great difficulty engaging his brain - and that’s what makes him so watchable.