Nick Drake: Darker Than The Deepest Sea

Darker Than the Deepest Sea
Darker Than the Deepest Sea

Recommended by Dawn Renton

When singer-songwriter Nick Drake took his own life at the age of 26 in the autumn of 1974, he left behind just three albums.

Fast forward four decades later, and he is recognised as one of the true geniuses of English folk music.

In Darker Than the Deepest Sea, author, producer and broadcaster Trevor Dann, offers a unique insight into the life and music of this often forgotten talent.

Dann’s book reveals more detail on Nick Drake’s life from his upbringing in the quintessential village of Tanworth-in-Arden, through his school days in Sandhurst to his time at Cambridge University, to the missed opportunities and mismanagement that defined his career.

With honesty, friends, family and colleagues describe the sadness that always seemed to plague him, the difficulties that Drake faced and that ones that may have lead him to take his own life.

Often very sad but always touching, this book is a must for any Drake fans.