No-one puts The Donald in a corner

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

I see our dear MPs want to ban The Donald from these shores lest we cause more floods by crying tears of laughter at his views.

Donald Trump may be spouting some utter nonsense on the campaign trail to become the next president of America, but our own politicians should have better things to occupy their minds.

A petition to the Government generated some 600,000 names which automatically meant they had to troop into a room somewhere in Westminster and kid on they were taking it seriously.

All that earnest hot air round the table, and for zero effect, because no-one puts The Donald in a corner far less ban him from a country.

Now, there is no doubt the man is a bit of a numpty.

He has some cranky, ghastly views of the world, and has, in recent months spouted rubbish which has been offensive and insulting on many different levels.

But banning people ?

Have we really reached that level?

Every day I get emails asking me sign this petition and be offended against that group. Social media has turned us into a nation permanently on outrage alert.

The fact our politicians now kneejerk to this froth is slightly disconcerting.

I’d rather they got on with fixing the country and doing their jobs - you know, the ones we elected them to do.

The Donald isn’t a threat to anyone unless he actually becomes the next president of America, and if we do ban him, then I’m guessing sending the RAF to intervene when Airforce One enters UK air space may just be a tad awkward for the Prime Minister.

So rather than ban him, bring him over.

Let him tour the TV stsudios and give conference speeches. Stick him on Question Time. Let him treat us to the full Donald J. Trump experience, and, in return, we shall double up with laughter at his views.

To me, he is America’s answer to Nigel Farage; another politician with nothing to say so he plays the fear card every time.

For Farage, it’s immigration. For The Donald, it’s Muslims and Mexicans.

We shouldn’t fear him. We should challenge him - directly, openly and with a little bit of humour which he probably won’t get anyway.

Without the power of the Oval office - and yup, I’m aware that may happen, but, hey, we survived the Regan-Thatcher love-ins - he’s just another wealthy man who proves that money may buy you islands and yachts, but it can’t buy you decent taste.

So, to the The Donald, I say ‘mon then big man.

Come north and take on our own Scottish Resistance - those three wee nuggets who are living proof men of a certain age should never wear t-shirts - for a right old square go on a topic of your choice.

You’ll lose because the rubbish you spout simply doesn’t chime with decent people, and I strongly believe they still form the majority.

And because they are polite, they’ll give you a platform, they’ll listen, and then they’ll make sure your political dreams are crushed forever by voting for someone else.

Now, that’s surely much better than a ban?