Open Doors

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe
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By Paul McCabe

I was at Society on Friday night to see tribute act The Doors Alive. Being a huge fan of the original band and their magnificent six albums I tempered my expectations as I normally do whenever I go to see a tribute band, lest they fail to live up to my snobbish high standards. So I’m happy to report that they were excellent, looking and sounding the part eerily well and played enough obscure songs from the band’s albums to keep me happy. The lead singer, Willie Scott, sounds ridiculously like Jim Morrison, what’s more astonishing is that he’s from right here in Kirkcaldy which is just plain weird. Turns out that Society is an excellent venue for a gig too. And shamelessly using “I’m from the local paper” as some form of VIP pass, I managed to blag my way backstage afterwards to hang out with band, man, like some middle-aged groupie. Top night.

Like pretty much all of you I’d imagine, I too made the annual trek, via a cashpoint, to the Links Market with this year’s strangely un-Links Market-like sunny weather. I went on Saturday night when it was oddly, well, not quiet as such, but it wasn’t as packed as I had experienced in the past, which was great obviously as there weren’t any queues. We even managed to get parked close by and Nor were there too many drunk, zombified numpties staggering about either. Being an utter, utter wimp when it comes to getting spun around on anything, and still a little “tired” from the previous evening’s ligging, I limited myself to the Wild Mouse, a few goes on the dodgems before finishing with a drooking on the Wild River. Doughnuts and candy floss ate, kids happy, mission accomplished.

Gogglebox. A programme where you watch other people watching the telly. That’s it, yet I’m completely addicted. I really should know better...

This week...Watched Hearts play well and win again, pity it’s too late...rolled our Easter eggs down Blackford Hill in Edinburgh...had a barbeque in the sunshine...