Opinion: It’s right that tasers will only be used as last resort

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There’s no doubt that the arming of police is a controversial issue.

And, while tasers may not be as deadly as guns, the news that officers who have passed the relevant exams can now carry them will certainly raise a few eyebrows.

However, the fact is that our police officers are routinely finding themselves in far more dangerous positions than they have probably ever done before.

Ensuring they – and innocent members of the public – remain safe has got to be a top priority.

In saying that we have to be sure that the proper checks and procedures are in place and that no one is tasered unless the situation demands it.

The effect is said by some who have experienced it to resemble being stabbed thousands of times in a few seconds so caution has to be exercised.

That’s why we welcomed the reassurance from police that the weapon will only be deployed as a last resort.

And we agree that the mere fact an officer is carrying a taser could in itself be a deterrent and calm a tense situation down when it may not have been possible otherwise.

As with guns, whenever a taser is used by police they will be challenged on whether or not the action taken was appropriate ... that’s extactly how it should be.

Cinema boost

We’re delighted that our campaign to bring a cinema back to Kirkcaldy has captured the imagination of our readers.

Every day, more and more people are signing our petition and there is real belief that we can make it happen.

The town is certainly big enough to support one and the absence is just diverting much-needed revenue away from our town centre.

If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so by following the details in our feature on pages 6-7.