Parents can solve Torbain school parking problems themselves

The busy road where parking is an issue at Torbain (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)
The busy road where parking is an issue at Torbain (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)

The solution to parking problems at every single school in town is simple – and it lies in the hands of the parents.

Instead of driving straight to the gates and causing congestion – for however short a period of time – find a space, park with consideration and then offload your kids.

Generations of youngsters managed to get to and from school on their own two feet, but we now live in an age where everyone is ferried everywhere by car for fear they may be knocked down ... largely caused by all those additional vehicles buzzing around the school gates.

Over the years, pupils at schools have even named and shamed the worst offenders, and some have closed their gates altogether in a bid to keep pupils separate from cars.

We’ve seen police clampdowns and poster campaigns galore, but still the problem persists.

Now, the tenants and residents’ association in Torbain has joined the safety campaign.

It says problems are so bad around the local school that it wants the main road closed to traffic at peak times.

That would be a major step, but if that is what it takes to drive home the message, then maybe it should be done on a trial basis.

When we joined the campaigners, we saw cars on double yellow lines, on grass verges, and blocking the view of kids crossing the road.

If people with kids don’t understand the potentially horrendous consequences of their actions, then maybe it needs a short, sharp shock, such as a road closure, to make them think again.

The irony is they’d be the first to howl with outrage shoiuld anything happen to their kids.

So, a plea to every parent at Torbain – do your bit to help solve this problem.

If you don’t then the community may take the issue out of your hands, and you may find the road closed. Then you’ll have to walk...