Picture perfect wedding

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe
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By Paul McCabe

I was at the wedding of two dear friends of mine at the weekend and very glitzy affair it was too. It took place at a big country house with the evening festivities placed in a huge marquee in the grounds. This included a photobooth where guests were invited to get their pics taken wearing various silly hats, glasses, masks, etc. This was a new one on me but after a few celebratory glasses of champers it seemed rude not to oblige.

Holiday time: I’m off on my holidays this weekend week which means our house is in the process of being turned upside down with half filled suitcases and various piles of other stuff lying about, waiting until the last minute to be packed away. Thankfully, I’m excused from most of this on the grounds of being woefully inept at pretty much everything, and have only been entrusted with sorting out the electronics. I reckon that’ll just involve flinging in a few chargers and rounding up everyone’s iPods an hour before we leave. Excited as I am about heading off to sunnier shores I can’t help but feel slightly annoyed with myself that we booked without me realising that it would clash with the World Cup. Abysmal bit of planning, that.

Growing up: This week my eldest daughter finishes up at primary school. It’s truly terrifying how quickly time passes when you’re an adult. I think back to my own time at primary school and it seemed to last forever. It feels like my daughter’s first day at school has just happened. Why is that? Still, unhappy as she is about going to High School she’s certainly going out in style - she’s getting taken to school in a limo. Then, after school is finished, she’s getting picked up in ANOTHER limo and whisked off to a party. Aye, right. Me? I just trudged to school and back again as normal, got changed then ran out to play fitba’, same as every other day.

This week... Bought my holiday reading material and, after years of fruitless searching, finally managed to find a hat that fits my freakishly enormous head...