Plant roars back!

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

John Murray on the return of the Led Zep frontman ...

We all stand up and notice a new album from Robert Plant, Rock N’ Roll Hall of Famer and member of definitive rock band Led Zeppelin.

Even his work with Alison Krauss, a million miles away from Zep, was acclaimed as was his reformed Band Of Joy with guitarist Buddy Miller and singer Patty Griffin.

Now, with nearly 50 years in the business and credited to Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters comes lullaby and ... The Ceaseless Roar (Nonesutch).

If you think that is an odd title just remember the fourth Led Zep alum had no title at all, just symbols but we forgave them as it contained both Rock & Roll and Stairway To Heaven.

The new album has Opening with Little Maggie a traditional bluegrass standard adapted by the band to retain the lyrical origins but to introduce percussion and fiddle played so fast it could easily have been an electric guitar riff from the old days.

Rainbow comes next and the lead track from the new set with a vocal that could have come from the Immigrant Song origins of Zep, tuneful and timeless.

Metal heads will seek Embrace Another Fall an anthemic rock epic complete with Physical Graffiti style drumming, Julie Murphy coming in with a vocal coda as contrast in her native Welsh language and a killer guitar riff that reduces your speakers to dust.

Famy however are just starting a musical career with a debut album defying categorisation.

We Fam Econo (Transgressive), has 12 guitar based songs with an echoed vocal that is excitingly fresh.

Vocalist Bruce Yates consistently impresses holding together the trio’s composition of industrial rock.

Smiths fans may like the similarities with the melancholy that is Beta then again the full on single (Donkey) has a retro post-Punk sound - but this is a new generation and all imagined by producer Miti Adhikari, known for his BBC Radio 1 Maida Vale live sessions.