Police by Jo Nesbo

Police by Jo Nesbo
Police by Jo Nesbo
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Recommended by Allan Crow

It’s been a while since I last caught up with Harry Hole - Jo Nesbo’s chaotic cop who takes destruction to whole new levels.

In truth I’d kinda tired of him being shot at, beaten to a pulp and yet emerging alive like some sort of superhero.

‘Police’ is by far one of Nesbo’s best novels with a multi-layered plot which is packed with drama and danger. It’s hefty size of a read, but one which compels you to keep going.

The plot is dynamite. Someone is killing cops - specificially those who failed in investigations, and slaughtering them on the anniversary of their failed cases.

Harry has absolutely zero role in the first third of the book - he’s barely mentioned, and yet his imprint is everywhere.

He’s working in a university, unwanted by his old force, and unwilling to return to the job which ought to have killed him. And yet ...

Nesbo could have made this a standard triumphant return, but he’s too good a writer for something so obvious. ‘Police’ is a belter of a book.