Police column: A busy month for the local team

Jimmy Adamson and PC Amanda Donald with our colleagues from Fife Council Community Safety Team before heading out for the Friday night at the Market.
Jimmy Adamson and PC Amanda Donald with our colleagues from Fife Council Community Safety Team before heading out for the Friday night at the Market.

I think it would be fair to say that April was a busy month for your local policing team at Kirkcaldy.

The unusually good weather that prevailed for Links Market meant that it experienced its busiest for a number of years, with thousands of you flocking to the Esplanade to join in the fun. Sgt Jimmy Adamson and his community team were involved in the policing operation throughout the duration of the Market and he was pleased to report that it passed relatively peacefully with only a small amount of minor disorder and a couple of crimes.

Unfortunately the remainder of us in the team looking after the rest of the Kirkcaldy area had a number of serious and violent crimes to deal with.

In the early hours of April 14, we received a call from the ambulance service that they were attending to call regarding a male having been found in Lismore Avenue with a number of injuries. On arrival given the extent and serious nature of the male’s injuries an attempted murder investigation was instigated.

Following enquiry by our CID officers the three males responsible were detected and appeared at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

In the early hours of April 21 we received reports of a robbery on St Clair Street where a male and female had been assaulted and had possessions taken from them.

Just after 4pm the same day there was an incident in Miller Street, where we received reports of fighting in the street with weapons.

On arrival officers traced a male victim with a number of injuries leading to an attempted murder investigation being launched.

I’m pleased to say that good team work by the CID and response officers meant that male and female suspects for both incidents were traced later that evening and appeared at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court on April 23.

Fortunately crimes such as the above are not regular occurrences in our community and I would like to thank those who assisted officers with their enquiries, leading to the relatively quick apprehension of the suspects.

This month the ward officers have also been supported by Sgt Lee Soutar and his team from the Safer Communities Prevention Task Force. Lee and his team work across Scotland focusing on prevention, intelligence gathering and enforcement in response to issues and areas local officers highlight to them. During their deployments they:

• Searched 13 males and three females, and found them in possession of various drugs such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis and diazepam.

• Reported 15 people for drinking alcohol in a public place.

• Stopped two male drivers who were driving without insurance and consequently seized their cars.

• Found one male in possession of a knuckleduster.

We really appreciate the assistance of the team and will continue to bid for their help in making our community a safer place.

If you have any issue you would like us to look into or assist with, you can contact us direct calling 101 and leave a message for us to re-contact you.

or If you prefer to remain anonymous then you can contact Crimestoppers on 0845 555 111.