Prayer for the Dead by James Oswald

Prayer For The Dead
Prayer For The Dead

Recommended by Tanya Scoon

This is the fifth of the Inspector McLean series and although a great read on its own, references to previous goings-on make more sense if you’ve read the others beforehand.

It opens with the grisly discovery of a body in a dark, dank cave, part of a little known Edinburgh tourist attraction. Beliefs that this could be a ritualistic killing set the scene as McLean and his team of misfit colleagues are forced to call on help from an old adversary to help with their investigation.

It turns into a race against time as more bodies turn up, but are the murders connected?

Prayer for the Dead is a thriller with lots of twists and turns and more than a hint of the supernatural. It sees the return of the wonderful psychic Madame Rose and other characters from past investigations and is set in the atmospheric streets of old Edinburgh and its environs.

The characters are continually developing and this, as much as the murders, makes the series such a success.