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Recommended by Fiona Dobie

One thing that’s definitely appealing about this film is its cast.

There are several big names in there including Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich.

And the plot seems fairly feasible too.

The CIA turns on a group of its own, four agents who were once at the top of the game but now know too many secrets.

The team quickly become targets and are being hunted by the agency. They must keep on their toes and dodge the bullets to stay alive.

All the roles are played excellently by the high-flying cast and there are many humourous moments within the film.

But the stand out performance for me is from Malkovich as the odd-ball.

One thing’s for sure, this film doesn’t take itself seriously and quite rightly so, as in some places it’s just too far fetched.

Although, if you can put the over the top special effects and action to the back of your mind and see this film as just 111 minutes of relaxation and entertainment, you won’t be disappointed.