Reflections: Dr Bert Cargill

Dr Bert Cargill, St Monans Gospel Hall
Dr Bert Cargill, St Monans Gospel Hall

SOME reflections are so beautiful, like the full moon’s silvery path across the water the other night.

Or maybe you’re an early riser and saw a resplendent sunrise over the sea – or was it a sunset, laying its path of gold one evening?

On a really still day beside a calm loch, have you admired the perfect reflection of the other side and wished you had your camera?

We look at reflections every day. Mirrors are necessary things.

But very often, we don’t like what we see. So we do something about it. Time to get washed, go for haircut or a hairdo, or more!

The Bible is like a mirror. The book of James chapter 1 verse 23 speaks about looking into the mirror of God’s perfect law.

It shows us just as we are, not necessarily how we see ourselves, or even as others see us, but as God sees us.

It actually shows us what we know is true anyway – our lives are not up to God’s standards of what is good and right.

Accurate though it is, this reflection can be a bit uncomfortable.

Because of this, some people don’t like it and they try to discredit the Bible. They say it’s too old fashioned and full of mistakes.

That’s like throwing away the mirror because you don’t like what you see in it!

Actually, millions of people the world over have found out how true, accurate and up to date the Bible is.

They haven’t found any mistakes in it, but rather that what it teaches does work out in real life.

For the Bible also shows us how to change what we are.

It tells us of Jesus Christ the Son of God, who came to earth and died on a cross to take away our sins.

We are assured that, by trusting in Him and accepting Him as our Saviour, we will be forgiven.

It’s not a cover-up or even a makeover. It’s deeper than that, for God works from the inside. He says: “I’ll give you a new heart, a new life.”

In John 3.3, Jesus described this change as being “born again”.

James 1.24 makes another valid comment. If we do look at ourselves and see something needs fixing, then walk away and forget about it – it will do us no good at all!

But if we are willing to take the way that God shows, then the blessing will be great.

It’s a simple way of faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

Why not take a look and see? Take the Bible mirror into your hands and read it.

Find God’s way of changing awkward reflections into beautiful ones!

Dr Bert Cargill writes in the East Fife Mail.