REFLECTIONS: From the Rev Isabel Dowlen, minister of St Michael’s & All Angels, Elie, and St John the Evangelist, Pittenweem.

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How exciting are all the signs of spring?

The snowdrops, the daffodils, the tulips, the new born lambs...

Perhaps you have your own favourites?

In the garden we have new energy, new life, new colour coming up from the dark earth and the coldness of winter

All winter so much that goes on so very deep has been hidden.

The Christian life is like this.

It is not a set of rules about how we should behave in Church, but how we should be right down inside of us.

It is about what we believe and hope, because what we believe and hope affects how we behave and what growth there is in our lives.

In Romans Ch. 6 St Paul tells us that we “too might walk in newness of life”.

Because as Christians we are rooted in something that is so much bigger and deeper than we are. In fact it is bigger than all the creation we know.

Because we have a hope in God, who is both able and willing to rescue us from death; both the death of sin and the death which we will all come to at the end of our earthly lives.

The Christian life is being alive to God in Jesus Christ, and goes on right through death to whatever lies beyond.

Christians have always acted in a sure faith in the future – a faith that is deep enough to do what Jesus says and follow how He shows us how to behave.

As we watch the new lambs grow as they stretch in the spring sunshine may we also grow in the fruits of the Holy Spirit; love, joy peace…

Grace and peace to you all

Rev Isabel Dowlen writes in the East Fife Mail