Reflections: Rev Arthur Christie

The Rev Arthur Christie
The Rev Arthur Christie
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HAVE you ever been waiting on a bus or train for ages?

Have you ever waited and it never comes?

Have you ever been waiting for something to happen in your life, got fed up waiting and taken an alternative route – then the thing happens and you say ‘I wish I’d waited’?

Perseverance isn’t a long race, it’s lots of short races, one after the other.

Looking around us, being aware of what’s going in our lives and community is important. Waiting goes hand in hand with watching:

Jesus told his disciples to keep a constant watch for his return and, although it might be hard and need perseverance, we are to look out for each other at the same time.

Would you leave a young child at the edge of a dangerous and busy road and say ‘Wait here, I’ll be back’ – and never return?

Neither would Jesus leave us.

When you’re waiting for someone you know very well, you might recognise their car engine, car door, their footstep or the way they come into your home!

Jesus talks about his return and says there will be signs of it in our world – frightening signs – but when we see these signs of trouble and war, we are encouraged not to hide away and do less.

We are encouraged to lift our heads up and look forward to better things.

When we arrived back from our holiday in the first week in September, we turned on the car radio and heard an advert for Christmas – aargh!

But, however we might not like the thought, it’s coming fast.

We are drawn to look forward in faith to his coming again – the challenge for us is to sort out the tinsel from the reality.

What do you really want most in the world? What do you look forward to? What do you pray for?

Persevere and, whatever you do, don’t fall asleep with the remote of your life in your hands and miss the good things going on around you, or the opportunity to be a part of those good things.

The Rev Arthur Christie, minister of Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny Churches, writes in the East Fife Mail.