Reflections: Rev Isabel Dowlen

Rev Isabel Dowlen
Rev Isabel Dowlen

IN the church’s calendar, Epiphany signifies not only the coming of light and understanding, but the continuing revelation of Jesus as the light in the routine of our lives.

Week by week, as we follow the lectionary readings, we are shown glimpses of the power and love of God as Jesus’ ministry unfolded.

In his baptism, in his performing miracles, in his teaching, all the wonders and signs recorded in scripture give us a window into how the light of the Gospel of salvation became known.

The signs of God’s glory given through Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry lead us to his death and wonderful Easter story of his resurrection.

Here, we have his defeat of the powers of darkness and the promise of his presence with us even today.

The Kingdom of God is revealed through faith to those who acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord.

This is our source of light and understanding as we journey on our pilgrim way.

This is a prayer that we can share as we give thanks for the light and truth of the Gospel.

Lord God, as a miracle of humanity and love, as a Word that makes people free, your Son has come to us, and where he comes. life is no longer dark and fearful.

We pray that he may come to life among us here, that we may not be ensnared in confusion, obsessed with doubt and discord, but that we may be filled with faith and courage, simplicity and peace.