Reflections: Rev Peter Carr

Rev Peter Carr, Buckhaven Baptist Church
Rev Peter Carr, Buckhaven Baptist Church

IF we were to try to define the word love where would we start?

If we were to survey 100 people, we might possibly get 100 different definitions! The world in which we live seems to have confused the word love for lust. The general approach to love in our culture has become shallow and too often self-centred.

A man was telling his girlfriend how much he loved her. He concluded by saying: “I don’t have a Porsche like Harry, nor do I have a yacht like Harry, but I do love you.” She replied, “I love you too, but tell me more about Harry!”

If you feel unloved, ponder the Cross. If you are looking for a definition of love don’t look in the dictionary, look to Calvary.

When we are looking for a real definition of real love, we need look no further than God’s holy word the Bible.

The Bible tells us of God’s love for humanity that He has made in His image (Gen 1: 27), and His gracious and loving pursuit to win back our hearts, and turn us from our wandering ways before it is too late. In 1 John 4: 19 we read: “We love because he first loved us.” God is the author of love. His love is perfect and pure and seeks the best for us, if we are willing to turn to Him in repentance, seeking and receiving forgiveness through Jesus Christ, His Son, the only Saviour.

In a world of fake goods, dodgy rip-off merchants and scam artists selling inferior goods, we are wise to pay that little bit extra to get the real deal! Well, Jesus is the real deal when it comes to an authentic loving and lasting relationship with our Creator. He paid our debt on the Cross, and we can benefit from His finished work if we ask Him into our hearts and lives today!

Why settle for second best, when we can have the genuine article? Jesus is the real deal; that is why the Bible says that no other name has been given in heaven or earth by which we must be saved. But, God’s offer of reconciliation and salvation is only valid while we have breath in our lungs and are able to respond to Him. After that, it will be too late. He is waiting patiently, what will your response be today?

Rev Peter Carr is the minister of Buckhaven Baptist Church and writes in the East Fife Mail.