Reflections: The Rev Gillian Paterson

Rev Gillian Paterson
Rev Gillian Paterson

‘ON your marks’ is a phrase we will hear a lot of during the next couple of months.

The Olympics will dominate our newspapers and TV screens as athletes from around the world compete in their varying disciplines, from athletics to swimming to football.

In Wellesley Parish Church, which covers the former parishes of Innerleven East and Methil, we have had a taste of what is to come in London 2012 as we have hosted our first holiday club during the first week of the school holidays.

A large group of children took part in ‘On Your Marks’, an action-packed programme of games, crafts and activities, all centred around the stories in Mark’s Gospel about Jesus and his disciples.

It was not only great fun but a super way to bring children from all over Methil to share in songs, workouts and our drama, ‘Ready Steady Enders Street’.

We have learned so much this week about working in a team and how Jesus is our team leader today, just as He was for the disciples and His followers many years ago.

One of the most special parts of the week was getting to know the children in each of the teams and, as the week progressed, it was great to see the enthusiasm grow and the friendships build.

Jesus is the greatest example of a team leader, the one who draws people together in faith, hope and prayer, and it is His example we seek to follow in the newly-formed congregation.

Over the next few months we will be getting to know one another and, just as the children’s enthusiasm grew, I pray that our fellowship and enthusiasm will grow too.

The message of ‘On Your Marks’ is that following Jesus is an adventure but, as our friend, Jesus is interested in us as individuals and will always be there to help us.

That’s something we all need to know, young or old, church member or not.

The message of Mark’s Gospel, one of the accounts of Jesus’ ministry on earth, assures us we are never alone; Jesus walks with us in our journey through life.

He is with us in the high points, when there is much to celebrate, and in the low times, when all we feel is desperation and sadness.

All we need to do is trust Him and get to know Him as our Saviour and friend, and then we will be ready to be ‘On Our Marks’ for the future – a future that is blessed by a loving friend.

The Rev Gillian Paterson writes in the East Fife Mail.