Reflections: The Rev Mark Pexton

Rev Mark Pexton, Leven Baptist Church
Rev Mark Pexton, Leven Baptist Church

BEING a disciple of Jesus could never be described as boring.

Yet, for many people outside of the church today, that is exactly how they regard Christianity to be.

Where have we gone wrong?

For the first disciples of Jesus, every day must have been an adventure.

They had given up livelihoods and security in order to follow him. They did not know what each day would lead them into.

One day, they were watching Jesus heal a blind man; another day, walking into the midst of a stoning; another day, getting in among the diseased and praying with them; another day, turning over the tables and shouting in the synagogue.

And every day, the disciples saw that people who encountered Jesus were given hope, whereas before, they had had none.

Being a follower of Jesus was certainly not boring – it was an exciting adventure, not knowing where each day might lead.

Is that a description of Christianity in our land today?

Well, for some it still is but, for many of us, I fear, we have lost the sense of excitement that comes with laying ourselves open to the adventure of following where Jesus may lead us, wherever that may be.

That is why I am excited about the fact a team of eight of us from our church has had the opportunity put before us to go to Beirut this summer.

We have been invited to help with the building of a community centre and get involved in some children’s work there.

Beirut is certainly not a location I would have chosen to visit voluntarily – and yet there is a sense of adventure and excitement about being a follower of Jesus and being led into something new and challenging out of a desire to follow in obedience.

As the situation in Lebanon gets more tense and volatile, due to trouble spilling over the border from Syria, the more the adrenalin flows in anticipation of this trip.

Being a follower of Jesus was an exiting choice in those first days.

May it not be any less exciting in these days as we seek to ‘follow in his steps’ (1 Peter 2:21).

The Rev Mark Pexton writes in the East Fife Mail.