Resolving to do what I want & have fun ...

Resolutions? Not for me ...
Resolutions? Not for me ...

By Dawn Renton

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about what their New Year resolutions will be - and whether they can actually keep them or not!

From eating healthily, going to the gym or joining a fitness class, to giving up smoking or alcohol and a number of other vices, we have all at some point said that we were going to make that small change to our lives... which then only lasted to the end of the January if you are lucky!

I have decided to go against tradition - no surprise there - and not make any New Year resolutions or changes for the year ahead. I am rebelling in a big way!

I have barely set foot in a gym or attended a fitness class and I intend to keep it that way as long as possible.

Surely no one likes getting all sweaty, jump around like a loon and shouted at by an instructor just to hurt all over the next day and have to dig out the Deep Heat just to make it through the day ... just to do it all over again the following week? Madness!

Eating healthy? What, and give up my beloved Frazzles? No chance!

I may sneak in more green foods but that is as far as I am about to go with the healthy eating malarky.

And while I am on the subject of fitness and all things healthy, there is a sure fire way to know that it’s the new year.

The tell tale sign is when you can’t switch on the telly, open a magazine or wander up the entertainment aisle in any given supermarket without the latest celebrity fitness DVD been thrown in your face.

“My 7-minute work out”, “How I went from a size 10 to being a bag of bones in six weeks” or “How I lost 14 stone in a day”.

Okay, that last one might be a sketch by Peter Kay, but you get my drift.

And then there are the Christmas sweets, chocolates and biscuits that soon pile up and is enough to send anyone into a diabetic coma with just one glance at the tower of boxes that seem to be breeding in the kitchen cupboards.

They are enough to send anyone a bit loopy and decide to sign up for a gym membership or reach for one of your five a day, but wait!

Why not give them to a local foodbank or take them into work?

Here at FFP Headquarters, we do like a sweet or two if you need to find a new home for that tub of Celebrations or box of shortbread.

Giving up vices is another popular resolution that very rarely lasts.

Giving up smoking and/or alcohol isn’t something that is an issue for me as I’ve never smoked and don’t drink that much, so they are not much of a vice for me.

It would be cheating if I said I would give them up really!

So this New Year my non-resolution would be to enjoy life as much as possible and by any means necessary.

Life is too short to worry about making sure you stick to your promises come midnight on January 1.

As long as you are in relatively good health then why not live a little?

Have fun, do and eat what you love and not what you are told.

And crack open the massive tub of Quality Street and pass them round!