Rev. Gillian Paterson, Wellesley Parish Church: Food for thought

Rev. Gillian Paterson
Rev. Gillian Paterson

There has been a nice warm feeling around recently, not just the sunshine, but the good news of Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, the Lions win and many other examples of sporting achievement.

It seemed as if last year’s summer of celebration could not be beaten, and yet here we are in 2013 with more highlights to be thankful for, and milestones to mark.

At the time of writing this article a certain new royal baby is about to be born, and may well be with us by the time you read it, another cause for celebration and for prayers of thanksgiving for all the babies born at this time.

When life is going well, it can be all too easy for us to forget to pray.

Yet, it is precisely at these times that we need to thank God for the blessings that have been showered upon us.

Praying for example, for our families, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Offering a prayer when a new baby arrives, the bride and groom are married, the exam results are good, and the job offer arrives, are all examples of giving thanks for the blessings, and not just praying when times are tough.

In our community there is a lot to be thankful for, but there is also a lot to be concerned about.

One of the issues that concerns me, is the number of people who are short of food, or who cannot afford nutritious and healthy food.

It may be hard for some of us to comprehend how that can happen in today’s society, but believe me it is a daily reality.

Jesus urged his followers to feed the hungry, help the homeless and the stranger, hence the reason the local churches have got together to introduce the Levenmouth Foodbank Community Support Project.

This initiative will be launching in August to provide practical help and support to those who need it the most, and more details of this will appear nearer the time, but I hope we can all rally round those who are suffering and offer them our compassion and understanding.

Donations of tins, packets and jars can be handed in to any of the local churches and will be made up into food bags that will be issued at the food bank [not at the churches themselves] which uses a referral system recommended by the Trussell Trust who have wide experience in distributing food.

This ensures the food reaches those who are in great need. This is an initiative to be thankful for, to give thanks to God for, and I believe it will make a real difference to our community. Please pray for those who are working hard to bring it to fruition, and for those who will benefit from it, this is truly faith being put into action.