Room 237

Room 237
Room 237
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Recommended by Dawn Renton

This rather obscure and quite subjective documentary explores the numerous conspiracies and hidden meanings within Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (hence the name).

When you sit down to watch the film, you think it’s just a creepy psychological horror about a writer who is snowed in at a Colorado hotel, loses his marbles and tries to murder his family...

But 30 years on, and what we find by watching this documentary, is that The Shining is actually a Holocaust movie in disguise, an apology for helping NASA fake the moon landings, a vast history lesson in the evil of mankind and a whole host of other subliminal messages.

If ever there was a film to send you a bit loopy, then this fits the bill.

Five very different view points are put forward through the use of interviews, film clips and reenactments which draws the audience in and leads them through a maze of endless detours and dead ends.

Many ways in, but no way out...

Definitely worth a watch.