Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Recommended by Fiona Dobie

Okay, so it’s maybe not the catchiest title for a film, but whatever you do, don’t let it put you off.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised just how much you enjoy this film - that is, of course, assuming you’ve not already read the book by Paul Torday and therefore know the story.

Ewan McGregor is Fred Jones, a fisheries expert who is approached by Harriet (played by Emily Blunt), about a plan to introduce salmon into the waterways of Yemen.

Yes, you read right, salmon in the waterways of a very arid desert country.

Despite his protests, Fred soon finds himself working on the project that seems unfeasible.

But the Arab sheikh who has caused the plan to be implemented is a huge salmon fishing fan and he’s prepared to spend as much as it takes to bring the fish to his country.

And, as things get going, it soon becomes clear that perhaps things can happen in some rather unexpected places. A very enjoyable film that’s worth a watch.