Saving Mr Banks

Saving Mr Banks
Saving Mr Banks

Recommended by Debbie Clarke

I love the original Walt Disney movie ‘Mary Poppins’ so when I heard they were making a film about how it was brought to the big screen I was intrigued.

It was fascinating to see just how many difficulties Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks) encountered while trying to do it!

The movie tells the poignant and funny tale of Walt Disney’s quest to fulfil a promise to his daughters to make a film about their favourite children’s book.

And the problems he faced trying to convince PL Travers, the author of ‘Mary Poppins’, (played by Emma Thompson) to let him.

She was determined not to let her work be transformed into a Hollywood movie so Walt had to keep trying to come up with new ways of persuading her that he would do her book justice and turn it into a cinematic classic.

Thompson is fantastic in her role as the stubborn Travers who is constantly nit-picking at the script and fighting Walt Disney at every turn.

Hanks’ portrayal as Disney is also first class.

I would highly recommend.