Shane Fenton’s six of the best: week 47

Shane Fenton
Shane Fenton
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Shane Fenton’s weekly sporting quiz will keep you on your toes...


1. Who in 2004 was the last player to win an England cap while playing in the Scottish League?

2. Who in 2007 was the last Newcastle United player to score for England?

3. What song was number one in the top twenty ‘Hit Parade’ the day England won the World Cup?

4. Who in 2010 was last player over 30 to make his debut for England?

5. Who is the only player in the English Premier League whose entire surname can be changed letter to letter into Roman numerals?

6. The Liverpool and Celtic anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ comes from which Rogers & Hammerstein musical?



1. At a reported £350,000 a week who is currently the highest paid player in World football? [Samuel Eto,Anzi Makhach Kala].

2. Who in 2003 became the first player to win the Champions League with three different clubs? [Clarence Seedorf, Ajax,AC Milan and Real Madrid].

3. Which brothers currently play in the same teams for [a] Man City and [b] Man Utd? [Kolo and Yaya Toure,Man City and Rafael and Fabio Silva, Man Utd].

4. Who in 2007 was the first player sent off at the new Wembley Stadium? [Matt Gill,Exeter in the Conference play-off final].

5. Who is the only English player to have scored in all four cup finals, FA, League, Uefa and Champions League? [Stephen Gerrard, Liverpool].

6. Which Scottish club in 2010/11 set a new British record for most penalties [17] awarded in a single season? [Celtic].

*Shane Fenton is a contributor to the Glenrothes Gazette sport section