Shared values should win our votes

Rev Elisabeth Cranfield
Rev Elisabeth Cranfield
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A heart warming television programme shows a committed team of volunteers working tirelessly to transform the home of a family who are struggling in the face of tragedy or adversity.

As the viewers gradually see comfortable and cheering rooms emerge through the extremely hard work of the team of energetic and talented volunteers, they can look forward with great anticipation to watching the family explore their newly transformed home with excitement, joy and gratitude.

The family’s first glimpse of their refurbished home is always wonderful to watch but the most moving moment of the programme is often seeing the family meet the enormous crowd of volunteers, who are, of course, their very caring neighbours and others from their local community who have worked together so eagerly to show they care and want to give support.

In our own experience of life, there are times when we are all moved by the hard work of caring groups of people working really well together for the benefit of others.

One current example of this is the team work of volunteers of different ages from MCCI who have created the Community Garden in Methilhill.

Other examples include the fantastic work of teams of health care workers who save lives in our hospitals and the tireless work of the staff and volunteers of the Levenmouth Foodbank Community Support Project, and also the hugely committed work of volunteers involved in fund raising .

One of the really positive aspects of the recent Referendum, on which absolutely all of us can whole heartedly agree, was the magnificent turnout at the polling stations.

Hopefully, this is a sign that many of us will remain energised and willing to work together to build a better society for the benefit of everyone.

On September 21, we at Methilhill and Denbeath Church joined with thousands of other people, including those gathered at St Giles Cathedral, in lighting candles and participating in an Act of Commitment to the shared values of wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity which are inscribed on the mace of the Scottish Parliament.

Together, we said:

We commit ourselves, to work for the people of Scotland, uniting to build a better society, grounded in the values and ideals we share.

“Let us act wisely:

Respecting our differences

Healing one another’s pain

Working together for the common good

Let us act justly:

Towards those who have held different views

Towards those who cannot stand up for themselves

Towards those who live life on the margins

Let us act with compassion:

When we see others struggling

When our neighbour needs support

When our rivals are in despair

Let us act with integrity:

Putting the good of others before our own

Putting honesty and truth before personal advantage

Putting self-interest aside in favour of self-sacrifice and noble service.”

If we all try to live by these words, then we will indeed have a better Scotland!