Shimmying and shopping

Dawn Renton
Dawn Renton

By Dawn Renton

Anybody that knows me knows that I do like my music, love actually. It is a bit of an obsession of mine. So I was rather excited to be shimmying through to Edinburgh for a gig.

The Doors Alive were playing the Liquid Rooms and I couldn’t wait to see the guys take to the stage again after seeing them rock Society in February .

If you are unfamiliar with the band, they are, as the name suggests, a Doors tribute act and a mighty fine one at that, led by the rather handsome Willie Scott (not biased at all...).

The gig was out of this world and the crowd loved it as they raced through all the Doors’ hit songs at such an alarming rate, that it left you dizzy and gasping for breath.

Did I have a good time? You bet your boots I did!

A fantastic Friday night all round.

Sisters and shopping: I love my sister dearly, more than life itself, but going shopping with her is usually the stuff of nightmares.

Shopping and sisters - especially my sibling don’t usually mix very well!

Having received vouchers for her birthday, a trip to the capital was in order to spend them. The joy.

It was lovely weather for a change so I didn’t mind too much dawdling along Princes Street, dodging other people so you didn’t end up in a tangled heap in the middle of the street and being dragged round every clothes shop in Edinburgh.

I also enjoyed having a wee boogie to a four-piece jazz act who where busking on the street...just me then?

I also indulged in my sis’ love affair with Tony Macaroni where we filled our boots with great food and then decided to head off home back to Fife.