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Doors LA Woman'for ffp tv column
Doors LA Woman'for ffp tv column

The Doors: The Story Of LA Woman

(Friday, BBC4, 10.20 p.m.) Mark Lawson Talks To Noel Gallagher

(Friday, BBC4, 11.20p.m.)

Forget The Voice and BGT, here’s some real talent worth staying in for!

As any Doors fan will tell you, ‘LA Woman’ was their final album - well, save for reunions and cobbled together out-takes - as the Lizard King, Jimbo Morrison, hot-tailed it to Paris and never returned. Some say he even passed away ...

The three remaining band members look back on their final work, and there is some cracking live footage which shows just how potent The Doors were.

When it comes to talking the talk, Noel Gallagher is an interviewer’s dream - opinionated, forthright and funny.

He chews the fat with Mark Lawson

Titanic With Len Goodman

(Friday, BBC1, 8.30 p.m.) FOR a ship that sank in 1912, the Titanic is enjoying something of a revival these days.

First we had Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet with their ‘‘I’m the king of the world’’ routine as their doomed love story was told on the big screen,

Now we have ‘Titanic’ on stv - the four-part drama which marks the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking by telling the story from the perspective of different passengers. Far be it from me to spoil the ending, but ... the ship sinks every time.

Not to be outdone, BBC1 is merging ships with ‘Strictly’ and sending head judge, Len Goodman, off to tell the stories of the men who built the boat that wasn’t meant to go under.

The connection?

Well, before he knew his salsa from his rumba, old Lennie worked as a welder at the company that built the Titanic.

Okay, it’s still a bit tenuous, but it’s the best the Beeb can do, so enjoy this three-part series on the human stories behind the epic tragedy.

Twenty Twelve

(Friday, BBC2, 10.00 p.m.)

We’re in an Olympics years in case you hadn’t noticed - try booking a London break and see the hotel rates being racked up and you soon will!

This mockumentary sends up the organisers in the style of the wonderful ‘In The Thick Of It’ and is absolutely worth your time.

Great cast, sharp script, and, perhaps, an insight into how the real show is coming along?


(Thursday, BBC1, 8.00 p.m.) I’m no fan of Watchdog - an hour is, in my book, about 59 minutes too long - but the show seems to go on and on, year after year.

Tonight’s complaints include a paint that changes colour, costly insurance plans and private companies who are ripping up off if we park in the wrong place.

Mary’s Bottom Line

(Thursday, Channel4, 9.00 p.m.) Mary Portas, Queen of the High Street, turns her attention to knickers - or the decline in British manufacturing of said items, to be more precise.

Her solution? Launch a range of undies called Kinky Knickers.

She even ropes in David Cameron for an endorsement. I do hope we are spared footage of him in said under-crackers ...

There are some images you dodn’t need in your head.