Slip sliding away ...

Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander

By Lindsey Alexander

After something like a 20-year gap I shoved my feet into some plastic boots, tied them up and took some very precarious steps back on to an ice rink this Christmas.

Saturday’s outing to Dundee ice arena was a great idea - after two days of eating, drinking and far too much time spent inside a blast of cold air and some exercise was just the thing.

My littlest was very grateful for a plastic penguin to push around the ice, while my eight-year-old and his friend were the lucky recipients of two supportive ‘snow men’ about the same height as themselves.

In total our group, which included two other families, amassed quite a menagerie as we made our way, timidly at first, round the rink.

With no support for the adults apart from the outer wall - and the slight expectation from friends that I wasn’t all that bad after I revealed I had spent quite a bit of time at Kirkcaldy ice rink in the dim and distant past - I had no excuse but to give it a go.

I did a bit of shuffling at first but spurred on by some tiny tots racing around on their speed skates, I tried to latch on to their complete lack of fear.

After narrowly dodging some fellow wobblers, my confidence increased a bit and leaving my children with their ‘snowpeople’ I made my first bid at a lap.

‘Wow mummy you didn’t even fall over’ was the comment which greeted my return - praise indeed!

A few more circuits and I was really enjoying it but then time was up and we had to say goodbye to our new snowfriends.

Afterwards we all remarked how good fun it had been and why didn’t we do it more often.

I’m not volunteering for ‘Dancing on Ice’ but hope it won’t be another 20 years before I make another comeback!