Spring in my step

Maggie Millar
Maggie Millar

By Maggie Millar

Spring in my step? Er, not quite yet but there’s hope on the horizon. Has anyone noticed the plethora of ‘spring clean your personality/job/life’s ambitions’ features in the mags and papers recently? One caught my eye because the nugget of wisdom contained within was this...”What you enjoyed doing most when you were nine years old is the very thing which defines the unadulterated you. And, for a life of true contentment, you should really have continued doing this for the rest of your entire life. “ Simples! I’m going to take up drawing and painting again and die poor, but happy. I might even be able to fit in the odd game of Kerplunk...

I’d rather go for a P in the Dark: The line-up for Scotland’s biggest music festival has been announced to the usual fanfare but - am I just getting too old? - the list’s mind-numbingly boring. C’mon Mr Ellis, take a tip from Glastonbury and shake things up a bit. You’ve got the money now get the vibe. Introduce a poet’s corner, some theatre and definitely Nile Rodgers. T’s just too mainstream, hard-edged and over populated with drunk teenagers. I’m older, sober and softer (I have the love handles to prove it...)

Introducing the Nanny State: I reacted with a sharp dose of astonishment when I heard about the Scottish Government’s latest plan on Friday. First they gave us free care, then free prescriptions and, according to news reports, every child in Scotland is now to be appointed a named guardian. I don’t get it... children at risk, absolutely, but why go to the (probably) eye-wateringly high costs of bringing in a blanket policy like this? Maybe Salmond was inspired by Plato’s philosophy on society, maybe not. Whatever, I just want to know if my kids’ guardian is available to babysit on the odd Saturday night. Please feel free to get in touch.

This week... I’ll be glued to two stories on the telly - the Crimea crisis and the Oscar Pistorius trial.