Strengthening the fellowship of nations

Rev Isabel Dowlen
Rev Isabel Dowlen

As the summer holidays race by we give thanks for relaxation, friendship and diversity. 
This year we have had so many opportunities of involvement in organised events. 
Here in the East Neuk we have had music, art, local, craft and rural festivals and fayres, and other activities to be engaged in. 
Our natural rural and seaside amenities have been enjoyed by many. 
As host to the Commonwealth Games we are sharing our lives and culture with many, many people. 
As friendships are forged we hope and trust that the rich Christian tradition we have inherited is also shared.
This ‘Prayer for The Games’ is recommended by the Liturgical Committee of the United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway.

Prayer for the Games

Almighty God, you have created us in your image 
And blessed us with diverse gifts; 
Give us grace in these Commonwealth Games
To celebrate the sporting talents bestowed by you; Grant discipline and purpose to competitors and teams,
a grateful heart to those who win,
And grace to those who do not gain the prize
That in all our dealings with one another,
The fellowship of nations may be strengthened
In bonds of peace and love;
For the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.
We pray that the enrichment of the whole games experience will leave a rich legacy and that many people, young and older will aspire to achieve further fulfilment in their lives.Love, grace and peace to you all.