Sun worship

Dawn Renton
Dawn Renton

By Dawn Renton

Whenever the sun decides to show face here in Fife, it always makes me want to drive along the coast.

The sun in Fife I can stand, although I’ve been burned many a time, but I fear if I went abroad to somewhere really hot then I’d burst into flames with the heat.

So it only seemed fitting to enjoy some of the sunshine while we had it by taking a trip to Anstruther for some tea. In the company of a very lovely chap, I ruined my healthy eating plan and tucked into some award-winning fish and chips with lashings of salt and vinegar.

After a wander around the harbour for a nosy at the fishing boats and to watch a young guy fishing (he caught something, albeit quite a small fish) it was off for a wee drive around the East Neuk before heading home as the sun began to set, Bliss.

As the doting auntie, I took my nephew, Aedan, aka Bean, swimming. He had a grand old time. As both my sister and I coughed and spluttered everytime he splashed us, he giggled and squealed with delight when the same was done to him. After a lovely pub lunch and a wander round the park to see if we could spot some squirrels, it was again time to head home.

I also found myself in my old stomping ground of my old journalism classroom at Fife College. I felt very nostalgic while there remembering all the laughs, tears and near-breakdowns.

And not forgetting my favourite lecturer, Pat Joyce, and his phrase that was uttered the closer it was to exams and it dawned on you that you hadn’t studied quite as much as you thought: “Panic on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine”.

And all that is left is to end this column with his favourite parting shot: peace and love, folks.

This week ... I’ve also been reading any Punk related books that I can get my hands on and slowly working my way through my Netflix watch list. Told you I wasn’t very exciting!