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Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes

By Gordon Holmes

Sunday past was the 30th anniversary of the first ‘proper’ live concert I attended. My great pal Garry and I ventured to the Edinburgh Playhouse to see our favourite band, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and I still remember the thrill and feeling of euphoria that only a live gig can give you.

Thirty years on and OMD are still my favourite band and I have been all over the UK, and even to Ireland, to see them in concert - and that thrill is still the same each time.

For no matter what kind of music you like or who your favourites are, there is nothing to beat live music - it’s just a shame so many people are denied it these days with ridiculous ticket prices and limited venues.

Same but different: I don’t comment on politics because, frankly, there are more important things to think about, but if there is one thing the referendum has done is surely put to bed the ridiculous, romanticised term ‘the Scottish people’ which both sides bandied about as if everyone who lives here can be categorised together into one group. The result proved that the ‘Scottish people’ are as diverse and disparate a nation as any other and anyone who actually thought otherwise was disillusioned and naive.

Scotland has had splits and factions with different views throughout its history - and that is surely a good thing; progress, both socially and culturally, would never happen in a society where everyone thought and acted the same.

Big 4-0: She might not thank me for revealing this but the other half turned 40 on Monday, though due to work and two small children to look after, we actually celebrated with a lovely family lunch and party the day before. She got her presents and cards that day too, so in the end she had 48 hours of being reminded of the occasion!

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