The Chess Men by Peter May

The Chess Men
The Chess Men

Recommended by Allan Crow

Don’t read this book unless you have already picked up The Black House and Lewis Man.

May’s Lewis trilogy has been a huge success - and it’s easy to see why.

He brings the island and its people, and traditions, to life, and then begins to unravel the lifelong bonds that harbour secrets.

The final book brings his main character, ex-cop Fin McLeod back home to start work on a local estate.

It soon yields a shocking discovery which takes him deep into his own past and a consipracy that impacts on lifelong friendships.

Brilliantly written, this would make a fabulous mini series on TV in the hands of the right producer - it’s a true Scottish success story, and one which nwill appeal to a wider audience than just crime fiction fans.

May’s characters are all rooted in reality, and he captures the essence of island life where tradition and the modern world most often collide head on.

So treat yourself to all three books. It’ll be the best start you’ll get to the new year ...