The Chessmen by Peter May

The Chessmen
The Chessmen

Recommended by Fiona Dobie

After reading the first two books in May’s ‘Lewis’ trilogy, I wasn’t about to give up before reading the third.

And I’m glad I did as it didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed it just as much as ‘The Blackhouse’ and ‘The Lewis Man’.

Once again it’s a tale that features Fin Macleod, a former detective who has returned to live on his childhood island home in the north west of Scotland.

He’s given the job of investigating the disappearance of game from an island estate and, in doing so, he’s reunited with Whistler Macaskill.

He’s a local poacher and the custodian of a conspiracy concerning Fin’s formative years. The task also opens Fin’s eyes to two decades of deception and places his life in danger.

If you’re a fan of crime novels, then this book – and indeed the trilogy – is certainly one that you should check out.

‘The Chessmen’ is a pleasure to read and if you’re like me, you may find it a page turner that you’re unable to put down and you’ll be finished in no time.