The day the laughter stopped

Fiona Dobie
Fiona Dobie
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By Fiona Dobie

Waking up on Tuesday morning I hoped that my ears were deceiving me.
The radio presenter was talking about a true comic legend who had died. The news of Robin Williams’ death came as a shock.

It was just two days previously I’d settled down on a wet Sunday afternoon to watch what had been one of my favourite childhood Disney films.

And let’s be honest, the best thing about ‘Aladdin’ has to be Williams’ Genie.

But it wasn’t just his voice over role in this film that made me a fan. I grew up watching ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ and ‘Hook’.

I may not have had a nanny, but at a young age if I was to have a nanny, then I definitely wanted to have one just like Mrs Iphegenia Doubtfire.

Robin Williams’ death comes as a great loss. No one does comedy quite like Williams.

The man had a tremendous talent and entertained generations through his work.

Panda-monium: So, word is that Tian Tian is expecting. The black and white resident at Edinburgh Zoo could give birth to a cub (or two) at the end of the month according to those in the know.

Fingers crossed that this time she’ll go the full length of her pregnancy and give birth to a blind, bare bear that weighs the same as a bar of chocolate.

If a panda baby (or two) are born it will be a further huge boost for visitor numbers to the zoo.

Once it starts rolling around and looking like a big ball of fluff and acting in a very playful manner (the zoo should definitely invest in a slide - I’ve seen the nurseries for pandas in China online, they look awesome) there will be no stopping the queues to see the little ones.

Maybe if there are babies this year it means in 2015 she’ll get a year without all this pressure to be pregnant.

This week... planned a weekend of Edinburgh Fringe fun... felt like I’d stepped into autumn