The Devil Colony by James Rollins

The Devil Colony
The Devil Colony

Recommended by Gordon Holmes

You usually know what to expect when you pick up a James Rollins book - an exciting, fast-paced adventure with history, science and just enough conspiracy theories to keep you wondering.

And ‘The Devil Colony’ is no exception. It never pauses for breath and takes you from the early founders of America to modern day secret organisations via ancient codes, tribal massacres and the search for lost treasure deep underground.

Sigma Force, Collins’ special group of good guys, find themselves in a race against time to save the world after a lethal force is released when an ancient Native American burial cave is disturbed in the Rocky Mountains, triggering a domino effect that takes them to Iceland, Utah and finally a potentially explosive showdown in Yellowstone Park.

Collins’ characters are so well realised that you join in their journey without hesitation, even if some of the plot developments are a bit far fetched, and it’s always great to be left wondering if some of the more outlandish historical theories might just have a grain if truth in them.